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24th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2015 is a one-day show/event held on Sunday December 6, 2015 from 8:00AM to 5:00PM at Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall. It's a fully packed day that will be an experience to remember for years to come. Fun for the entire family! Here are a few highlights of the show but of course there are plenty more activities and sites to see and enjoy.
Ride in Show
A tradition here at HCS, the "Ride In" kicks off the show. Previous years the event has started at 9AM but this year we will begin an hour early (8AM) to allow spectators to get into the show and find a nice spot to see the ride in of the guests. Each of the special guests from abroad will travel down the center isle of the exhibition hall, parade style so that everyone can see these awesome machines alive and moving. See it, hear it, feel it as the hall comes to life and the excitement kicks in! After the ride in, each guest will stand on a mini stage to say hello.
1949-1954 Reflections & Expressions
1949-1954 American cars is the focus of this spotlight. Until now, most spotlights were targeted to specific models or types of vehicles but this spotlight leaves it open to customs, lowriders, gassers and more! There are so many possibilities for '49-'54 makes and models it will surely be major highlight of the show.
Camaros a Go! Go!
First generation Chevy Camaro, from 1967-1969, is the target of Camaros A-Go-Go. There are many Camaro owners and this is their time to shine from stock original, street machines to full custom builds.
Exotic Iron
Within the H-D Sportster lineage, the Ironhead engine dates from '57-'85 and is a model that stands out on its own often overlooked by it big twin brother. There are many that have made the Iron their choice in bike builds and this spotlight will select just 20 to be featured here.
Sidewalk Surfing Bonanza
The 2015 paint contest base object will be skateboard decks, thus the theme name Sidewalk Surfing Bonanza. You must be present at the show to enter. They deck must be wall mount ready. Check the "Entry" information page for details.
H-D Street Build Off 2015
Harley-Davidson design team has selected 5 custom shops to compete in the Street Build Off 2015 of the new H-D STREET 750. They will also feature The Battle of the Kings that started with 24 dealer shops competing in a separate build off. Find out more from the Dark Custom H-D official website.
Special Live
HCS2015 features live bands throughout the day which include "Jackie and the Cedrics", "The El Caminos" as well as "Hiroaki Yamazaki & Dynamics" that will perform live on the main stage as well as in Rat Island.
Rat Island
In the beginning, Rat Island was home to the non-show car "drivers" pre dating 1948. The perimeter of this area featured many international artists and brands. Over the years, is has changed as the cars moved into the car show area and the perimeter of international exhibitors have grown. This year there will not be any cars/bikes in this area. It has evolved into the HCS International Reunion of sorts.
Vendor Booths
HCS is limited in size although Pacifico Yokohama is the largest indoor exhibition hall reaching 20,000 square meters (that's almost 5 acres). Squeezing everything under one roof without breaking any fire codes limits the number of vendors to about 200. However, all of them are top notch and under one roof. So you might want to bring a big duffle bag because shopping will happen.
Collectivities Alley
A special limited space for artists that want to showcase their work, Collectivities Alley is an area you don't want to miss. Slightly in between artist and vendor, these unique spaces are galleries with cool collections, artworks and more.

TEL: 045-623-5999 (Tuesday to Friday from 9AM-5PM)
Email: hcs2015@mooneyes.co.jp

〒220-0012 神奈川県横浜市西区みなとみらい1−1−1
1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012, Japan

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SUNDAY December 5, 2021
Nearest Hotel : Yokohama Intercontinental Hotel

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