MOONEYES STAFF Hiro’s USA Trip Report (English)

Hello, this is MOONEYES Staff Hiro.
This year, MOON SPACE AGENCY "Pan" Sumi and I went to California to collect footage for the YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW 2016 (HCS2016)!

First, here's a short HCS2016 Demo Reel:

Every year, our USA trip is not simple as we head all over to a number of show guest shops. Everyday we update Facebook or Instagram with where we visited. This year we have been using SNS on a daily basis to showcase guests and the show.
Next month we will work on the next issue of Mooneyes International Magazine (MIM) that will feature guest cars and bikes for HCS2016.

Arie Vee

The first day of our trip we headed to San Diego. There we visited show guest Arie Vee and his H-D Knucklehead. This custom motorcycle was built and displayed at Born Free 8 earlier this year in June. It has a psychedelic vibe from the color to the design.
Arie was a guest last year so we were familiar with his shop. This year, we wanted to shoot in a different location so we requested it and Arie took us to a place that was perfect.


On the second day, we headed to Santa Fe Springs. Home of MOONEYES USA and the famous MOONLINER. This was built by Jocko Johnson and featured an aircraft engine before Dean Moon swapped it out for a more conventional Chevy V-8 so he could test MOON Products on it. It was raced on the salt flats but for the most part it was an exhibition vehicle.
The MOONLINER was on exhibit at the NHRA Museum in Pomona, California for a number of years. It has also be on display at numerous car shows over the years. It has a long history and has been in the MOONEYES family for decades. We took photos of it in front of the MOONEYES Shop. I had the pleasure of sitting in the cockpit with the canopy closed. Unfortunately, it didn't move but it was still a splendid experience.

Pete Chapouris

Speaking of Pomona, we headed out there in the afternoon after shooting the MOONLINER. Our next stop was to see Pete Chapouris and his Ford Roadster. Pete has been a guest to HCS many times over the years with SO-CAL Speed Shop and the wonderful hot rods he's built. This year is a special car that's directly connected to Pete.
The photo session went smooth and we finished without any delay. On our way out, we ran into Grant from Born Free Show. He posed with the MAMOROH panel for us. Thank you very much! Grant will be at HCS this year as well so be sure to see the Born Free Show table at HCS2016.

Max Schaaf

The next morning at 4AM we left Southern California and headed up the 5 FWY towards the Bay Area. Our next stop was to visit Max Schaaf. He was a guest at HCS in 2008 so it's been 8 years and he is excited to be back in Yokohama this year with his H-D Panhead. This Panhead was built for Born Free 8 this year in June. While it almost looks too simple of a build as that's Max's style, upon closer inspection you begin to notice all the small details and superb craftsmanship that's been put into the bike.

Continuing the day, we visited Max's place and it was full of vintage parts. The motorcycle that was brought to Japan for HCS2018 is still in his possession. It's such an incredible place and makes it a motorcycle life dream for anyone.

After we finished taking photos, Max took us to eat. When he asked us what we wanted to eat, we had no ideas other than Japanese food so we gave the standard response of Ramen noodles. He took us to this really cool Bar and Ramen Shop combined place. I'm a bit on the critical side when it comes to food and although I ordered Miso Ramen, I received something that was more tomato based soup pasta. But it was tasty.

Ryan Grossman / Vintage Dreams

The following day in Oakland, we visited Ryan Grossman of Vintage Dreams. Ryan was a guest last year at HCS2015 with an amazing vintage show bike called Quicksilver. This year, Ryan built an amazing chopper for Born Free 8 earlier this year in June. It's a 1947 H-D FL Exposed OHV. Everything on the bike is show quality from the pegs to the kickstand.

First we decided on where to go for the photo shoot. Ryan said he had the perfect place so we just followed him. By the way, a quick glance at Ryan's place and he had all kinds of things going on including a new motorcycle project that was already taking shape.

As we followed along with Ryan we slowly heading up into the mountains. The next thing we knew were in a cemetery.
It was a very old place with tombs and tombstones from a very long time ago.

The photo shoot was complete and we finished up by midday. After we were finished we made our way back to Southern California.

Galpin Party

We arrived in the evening and went straight to Galpin Auto Sports for their VIP Party. There were many famous people there such as Gene Winfield and Robert Williams. It was a great party with lots of food, silent auction, cool cars and much more.

Kiyo's Garage

The next day we visited Kiyo's Garage. Kiyo's bike won the Top Builder Award at Born Free 8 this year in June. This show bike he built is also built for land speed racing and Kiyo has already tested it out at Bonneville and El Mirage this year.

We also shot an interview which covers the bike and impressive run at Bonneville this year.

After we completed the photo and filming we went to a Japanese restaurant. I've been here ever year for the past three years. So good.

Jeff Leighton

The following day we met up with Jeff Leighton. Jeff built this bike for Born Free 8 this year in June. It was selected as the Born Free 8 Best in Show. The 1942 H-D UL features elegant paint by Harpoon and cool fabricated and custom parts.

After the photo shoot was finished and the filming was complete, we all headed to get something to eat.
Jeff and Harpoon took us to a very nice Italian place that had great sandwiches.

Chopper Dave & Rob Fortier

A last addition to the guest list is Chopper Dave and the bike he built for the Born Free 8 give-a-way. Initially the bike was a no-go as the winner of the bike lives in Canada and the bike was on its way. However, on the way it caught fire at a gas station and the cables and such were damaged. The new order brought the bike back to Chopper Dave's shop in Long Beach to get it repaired. This is when things changed. Now the bike will be coming to HCS2016.

By the way, just behind Chopper Dave's shop is a shop of Aki from Hog Killers. He was a guest at HCS2015. This year, he will be coming to HCS2016 on his own and have a table at International Market Place inside the show so be sure to say hello.

Galpin Auto Sports

The next day, we revisited Galpin Auto Sports. This time it was for taking photo and video footage of Ed "BIG DADDY" Roth's Orbitron. This true classic custom show car originally built by Ed Roth will be at HCS2016 this year.
Dave Shuten brought the car outside for a test drive and checked to make sure everything is in working order for the trip to Yokohama.

Yaniv "NEEVO" Evan / Power Plant

In the afternoon, we headed to Hollywood to stop in and visit Yaniv Evan of Powerplant. This year, Yaniv's FXR will be a guest to HCS2016. Be sure to come and see this awesome machine.

Steve Caballero

The next day we headed further south. This time it was a visit with Steve Caballero. Not only did we get a chance to take photos of his Triumph motorcycle we also got to witness his skills on a huge vert ramp. Topping it off, not only was it just one professional skateboarder but two! Wait, not only were there two pro skaters, these were two of the original Bones Brigade members. Yes, Steve Caballero and Mike McGill.


Next thing you know, it will be the event. We are just about 2 months away from the 25th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2016. November will be the month we release the special HCS2016 coverage in MOONEYES International Magazine (MIM). Be sure to get your copy and bring it with you to the show.

For the latest updates, please be sure to check out website or the official HCS2016 site.
Save the date. Sunday December 4, 2016 at Pacifico Yokohama from 8am to 5pm. One day, in door show!

Hope to see you all there. Thank you for checking my trip report.
MOON Space Agency Hiro

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